About ANIW

ANIW | Mission and Vision

The Network is adaptive and evolutionary, changing its research and programming focus as needed to remain connected to the interests and needs of women who are building a new life in Canada.

Immigrant women are themselves effective and committed community builders, working to develop opportunities for their families, themselves, and their surrounding community. Our role is to connect and support immigrant women in these efforts. The Network is uniquely positioned to understand their concerns, and to work across various community and government agencies to encourage effective collaboration in delivering programs and services.


Our Continuing Focus

The challenges facing immigrant women remain complex, and they continue to evolve. The Network is committed to staying responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and operating partners, and our work must remain adaptive.

We are continuing to build our network of collaborations with others across the province. This includes deepening our research on how we can most effectively assist immigrant women to lead within our communities and contribute their fullest potential to our society. Our partnerships remain strong and vibrant in serving the immediate needs of our clients, and our work continues to be evidence-based and enabled by innovative research.