The challenges facing immigrant women remain complex, and they continue to evolve.

The Network is committed to staying responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and operating partners, and our work must remain adaptive. We are continuing to build our network of collaborations with others across the province. This includes deepening our research on how we can most effectively assist immigrant women to lead within our communities and contribute their fullest potential to our society. Our partnerships remain strong and vibrant in serving the immediate needs of our clients, and our work continues to be evidence-based and enabled by innovative research.

Here you’ll find a list of our publications:

06/11 – Background Paper on Foreign Credential Recognition for Internationally Educated & Trained Dentists in Alberta

05/11 – Background Paper on Foreign Credential Recognition for Immigrant Professionals in Alberta

03/08 – Capacity Alberta Occupational Profile for Internationally Educated/Trained Engineers in Alberta

11/06 – Equitable Treatment of Immigrant/Visible Minority Women as Employees and Volunteers In the Alberta Voluntary Sector

09/06 – A Dialogue to Build Bridges, Capacity, and Alliances: poster

08/05 – Access to Licensure for Internationally Educated Nurses: Follow-Up Study

05/05 – The Silk Road to China: poster

11/04 – Women in the Non-Profit

09/04 – Immigrant and Visible Minority Women in the Non-Profit Sector as Volunteers and Paid Workers: report

08/03 – Towards Financial Self-Sufficiency: Feasibility Study for a Micro credit Project for Immigrant Women in Calgary

10/02 – Bi-laws, Revised

10/02 – Access to Licensure for Foreign Qualified Nurses

08/02 – The Alberta Blue Print

08/02 – Forum: Equal Access to Licensure For International Trained Physicians

08/02 – Those Really are Thousand Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk

08/02 – The Legal Case to Accommodate International Medical Graduates…

01/02 – Unlicensed International Medical Graduates: Survey 2000

08/00 – Over-qualified, Underemployed

01/94 – Unequal Before the Law?

12/86 – Internalized Racism: An Aspect of Racism Seldom Discussed