About Capacity Alberta


Alberta's capacity is strengthened by the fully equitable economic, social, and professional contribution of Internationally Educated/Trained Professionals.


To work collectively for positive change and equitable access to professions for Internationally Educated/Trained Professionals


  • To facilitate the establishment of a professional support network, to build collaborative relations and to enhance the capacity and leadership of the members
  • To support and to enable International Educated/Trained Professionals (IETPs) to work in partnership in the development of strategies and solutions with regards to licensure processes issues.
  • To collaborate with government, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders to seek solutions- in conjunction with IETPs- to barriers that impact recognition of foreign qualifications
  • To assist IETPs in the process of becoming licensed and registered to integrate successfully into the Canadian labour market
  • To enhance civic participation, information sharing and integration among IETP associations
  • To increase awareness of issues that impact the recognition of foreign credentials, and the effects of individual and economic lose of potential due to the under-utilization of IETPs in Alberta

Please contact our office to learn more about this program, and how it may align with your needs.