Integrity Leadership

Why is this program important?

The INTEGRITY Leadership Program takes a holistic view of leadership in a time very unique to humanity’s presence on this world. We are more connected to each other’s lives than ever before. We collectively face new challenges we have yet to figure out how to address. The scale of one society’s decisions impact everyone in the world.

Watch the video to learn more:

The course of five modules is offered in its entirety, totalling 50 hours:

Module 1: Why we think and act the way we do

We will explore our common origins and how we diversified our understanding of our place in the world. We will strive to better understand what influences one’s ability to think, learn, adapt and act.

Module 2: Learning our Way Forward

How are ignorance and failure a part of human learning? We will talk about how we frame the challenge and define progress impacts our ability for solutions.

Module 3: Tools for Wise Judgment

How can we improve our capacity for wise decisions and action? What is ethical? What do we mean by common good?

Module 4: Power to Create Change

We will become more aware of the dimensions of power and how they work together to create change.

Module 5: Challenges of Leadership

What kind of persistence is required to create change and overcome resistance?
How can immigrants navigate through Canadian culture and be part of community leadership teams?

For applications and bursary information please contact 403-262-8040, extension 40 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.