ANIW fosters and welcomes opportunities for partnership with organizations that share any of the following ultimate goals:

  • Integration of immigrant professionals into the Canadian labour market and the society
  • Engagement of ethno-cultural communities into civic participation regarding issues that affect their communities

As partners we can mutually support each other by:

  • Sharing best practices to assist International Professionals in their economic integration in Canada and/or to promote civic engagement of ethno-cultural community members around this issue.
  • Building networks of collaboration to discuss and address emerging issues around our common areas of work
  • Facilitating opportunities for collective learning among immigrants from regulated professions , ethno-cultural associations, and career & employment related service providers.

The work of the Network over the past 25 years would not have been possible without the visionary support of our founding partners and funders. We would like to celebrate those who have had the courage and foresight to support our work, and we welcome the involvement of future partners in moving forward.

Alberta International Medical Graduates Association:

Canadian Research Institute for Advancement of Women:

Canada without Poverty:

Canadian Women's Health Network:

Immigrant Access Fund:

Making Changes:

Southern Alberta Heritage Language Association:

The Women's Centre:

Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services