“Our Lives – Our Journey” is a project that is being developed, for immigrant seniors voices to be heard. ANIW proposes to establish contact with fifteen to twenty diverse immigrant seniors (both women and men) in Calgary to interview and collect these “silver” stories. Our focus will be immigrant seniors fifty-five plus, to gather a rich tapestry of stories, cultural wisdoms, and contributions to Canada’s rich history of immigration.

We are including an inter-generational component, where a team of Grade 9 students at a local Calgary Junior High will conduct the interviews using the most convenient and culturally sensitive format/methodology.

After editing the stories and gaining approval from the participants, a coffee table book chronicling these stories will be developed, (using anonymity, if requested) for distribution to local libraries and the National Library of Canada.

If you would like to participate or know someone who may be interested, please contact our Seniors Coordinator, Vilma Dawson, via email at vilmadawson@gmail.com or at 403-809-1284.