The Network has developed and follows a rigorous project cycle that starts with research, providing an evidence-based approach to building education and training that assists immigrant women in dealing with issues or realizing opportunities in their communities. Key to our efforts is engaged and committed partnerships with women’s organizations, ethno-cultural groups, and other social sector and governmental agencies that work with immigrant communities.

ANIW Project Cycle

Our Record of Success

Since 1986, our workshops, mentorship programs, capacity-building programs, and foreign credential assessment support services have helped many highly skilled immigrant women to overcome the challenge of cultural barriers, unrecognized credentials, and societal discrimination.

Along the way, we have nurtured issue-specific initiatives that now provide a wealth of services to immigrant women in the community. Many of our stories of success take years or even generations to come to full fruition, and all are shared triumphs: the success of our initiatives depends on many in the community working together to achieve the best possible solutions generated by effective collaboration.